Brick & Stone Mailbox Designs

Brick & Stone Mailbox Designs


A mailbox might be a small structure standing outside your home, but if designed properly it can change the whole look of your home’s exteriors. Instead of going with a plain black box that might represent a mailbox, why not go with one which would serve the purpose and give a better look to your home as well? Stone and brick mailboxes are really trending nowadays and this is because they are unique to look at, give soul to your home and are long lasting as well. Here is a short guide on some of the coolest designs and styles to lookout for.

Mailbox Tops

Starting our way from the top, let’s take a look at some of the common designs for the mailbox’s top.


Arches take their origin from the Greek architecture and maybe this is the reason why they give everything a more royal feel. When it comes to stone and brick mailboxes, there are a lot of designs trending which make use of the arches. Perhaps the most common of all designs, arches are easy to make and they very efficiently cover up the poor or no-brick cuts. Some of the most common ones are

Standard arch

It is the most commonly found arch in the mailbox designs.  It is neither too steep nor too high. Just a standard arch that gives the mailbox a different feel. For a more professional look, bricks are often arranged in a saw shape around the curve. The more precise the brick cut and arrangement is, the better the arch’s final look is.

Eyebrow arch

It is a flattened arch as compared to the standard one. Unlike the standard arch which is shaped like a semi-circle, the eyebrow arch is shaped like a human eyebrow. The brick can be arranged to fan out a little from the sides to give it a more artistic feel.

Gable top

It is a steep arch and is rather easy to make. Due to its shape, it requires very little precision and it comes together rather nicely by the end of it all.

Flat tops

There are many who prefer a more flattened top designs in their mailboxes. Now, there are a lot of ways to do that

Capstone finish

This is easy to make but despite that it gives the whole mailbox a more rugged and ancient feel. Instead of designing the top, a simple capstone is placed on top of the mailbox to finish it off.

Double capstone finish

If your design allows, you can also go for double capstone finish where two capstones are used to come up with a simple and elegant design. This design, though, ends up to be a little higher than the others.


Projecting courses

This one is a mix between the flattened top and the arches. With the sides of the mailbox curved like an arch, bricks are flattened on the top to create a straight flat finish.

Step design

After completing each course of the bricks, you start going inwards till you reach the top in the same way. It gives the whole top a staircase finish which is easy to make but gives a complicated feel.

Steeple top

This design will require professional detailing to get the desired look. The top is pointed. The look is much similar to the gable top with the only difference being that it has a pointed edge.



Moving away from the top, sometimes it is the base of the mailbox which is designed differently too to create a unique look. Rather than going for the straight tall structure, the professionals can go for a more detailed and different look. Some of the most common styles are:

Arched Base

Like the top, the base is often designed like an arch that holds the top like a flower. The arch is thinner from the center and increases its width and you move up and down.

Planter boxes

Are you a plant lover? This design is made just for that. The base is extended on either or both the sides and the base might need a concrete base under the planter section as well. To prevent the water from seeping in the bricks, some weep holes can be added to the base as well.


Quoin corners

It is one of the prettiest looking yet a tricky design to make. It uses stones and bricks of different colors, sizes and styles to create an artistic base. This design can be created with bricks, stones or a mix of the two to accentuate the design you are really after. It gives you more room to create a customized look for the mailbox outside your home.


Sideways design

You can start protruding the bricks out after sixth or seventh layer to create a stepped design.


Outward design

It is very similar to the sideways design with the only difference being that the bricks instead of the bricks coming out sideways, they protrude outwards. Simple yet a distinct design to create.


Apart from all of these common features, you can add many different styles to your mailbox to create a different look. Where many like to go for a more customized number plate or maybe a custom design, there you can also try out different options in styles to create a more personal look. Add in some newspaper holes in your mailbox. Instead of it being primarily for mails and letters, use it to hold the newspaper that the hawker usually throws on your doorstep every day.  You can add one or two or even three newspaper holes in the mailbox depending on your needs and design you are after.

There are people who do not pay much attention to the mailbox outside their homes but if you want to give a more authentic feel to your home, we suggest you go for the brick and stone mailboxes. They are more durable and classy in their look. Go for the design that best compliments your style and the look of your home.

They are more durable and classy in their look. Go for the design that best compliments your style and the look of your home.

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4 thoughts on “Brick & Stone Mailbox Designs”

  1. Hi Diana! Thanks for the informative article about the different types of mailboxes you can create! My favorite type is definitely the capstone finish due to its simple but elegant design! What’s your favorite design?

  2. Diana Yera: Do you have a gallery of photos of the various designs of brick mailbox installations you described in your August 18, 2020 post? That would help greatly for us to select a brick mailbox installation which best fits the exterior design of our home. Many thanks.

  3. I personally did a standard arch and failed. Well, I didn’t do too well with it so I basically hired someone to do it and it went well and I am satisfied. My recommendation is to call someone who know how to do it. It will definitely save you time and money. I know.

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