Top 9 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Have you taken a look at the exterior of your home lately? Think of your home’s exterior like a first impression, it sets the stage for what’s inside. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to make some renovations to beautify the exterior of your property, adding curb appeal is an easy way to make your house look nicer and boost the value of your home.

But what is curb appeal and why does it matter? As we said, your home’s exterior is the first impression that passersby and potential buyers see, so your front yard layout is just as important as your interior design.

What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal refers to the exterior features and design of your property. The more curb appeal your home has, the more attractive and eye-catching your property is. This goes beyond the additions to your home; moreover, it’s also the unison of the exterior design elements that captivates people.

Increasing your property’s curb appeal requires time and money (as all things do) so if you’re pressed for time consider quick one-day renovations to alter your home. If you are improving your forever home, there are plenty of long-term projects that can steadily increase the beauty of the home’s exterior.

Here are nine ways to increase your property’s curb appeal and make an amazing first impression.


Add natural elements

One of the best ways to increase your curb appeal is to add greenery to your home. You can spruce up your space by adding planter boxes with fuss-free flowers and shrubs to create a gorgeous landscape. Don’t have a green thumb? Native Backyards compiled a list of native Texas plants that can grow in a variety of conditions.

Attempting to add curb appeal on a budget or lack the time for a garden? Consider a container garden. Purchase pots or window boxes and grow your favorite plants from them. Find a style that matches your home’s look, these pots and boxes come in a variety of materials such as terra-cotta, plastic, and metal.

Natural elements for Curb Appeal


Clean exterior walls, windows, and sidewalks

Your home is the first line of defense from rain, heat and so much more, so exterior ware to your home is going to be commonplace. Even though every home has to endure the elements, oftentimes washing the home exterior comes as an afterthought.

Pressure washing your home exterior, patios, pathways, and sidewalks can help remove built-up grime and keep your home looking fresh. This is also a major health benefit as preventing the mildew and mold from growing outside can prevent them from making their way indoors. If you are in need of cleaning on your masonry surfaces, we provide free estimates for pressure washing in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Another tip for increasing curb appeal especially if you’re looking to sell your home is to take special care of your windows. Cleaning your windows or even updating them can improve your curb appeal significantly because of their aesthetic value; everyone loves a spotless window.


Repair your chimney and roof

Your roof is exposed to the elements year-round, especially in Texas where the weather is intense and unpredictable. Have you taken a look at your chimney recently? Sometimes signs of chimney damage are obvious such as falling brick or visible mortar deterioration, but other times the signs of damage are underlying and require a specialist to best advise you on the repair.

The right roof has a big impact on curb appeal as not only are they function in the sense of preventing leaks and providing your home cover from the elements, but a proper roof should be of an appropriate color to compliment your home. Your roof is susceptible to moss, stains, missing shingles, and other visible issues that can decrease the curb appeal of your home. Check for the signs of a deteriorating roof such as falling shingles, interior ceilings and walls having leaks, or if your roof is past its life expectancy.

If you are looking for assistance with your chimney, the restoration specialists at Brick Restoration Inc. are the perfect resource for enhancing your chimney to boost your curb appeal.

Replace your front door

The entryway to your home is the focal point of curb appeal, all of the exterior elements combine with your front entranceway being the center of it. There are plenty of ways to enhance the look of your front door, the most obvious one is a complete front door replacement. Install a door with a decorative pattern or one with a glass portion.

Another way to enhance your existing door is just to clean it by removing any dirty spots around the doorknobs and bottom where dust and pollen tend to collect. Painting your door is always a way to improve your curb appeal overnight. A new coat of paint in a complimentary color, along with adding a decorative flag or wreath that reflects your personal style.

Embrace landscaping

Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the exterior of your home. All of the living elements, the maintenance, designing, and preservation of your outdoors. For instance, an instant turnaround for your home would be adequate lawn care, keeping your grass trimmed gives the impression of a kept home. The same applies to your other design elements. Gardening can be done even on a budget, opt for plants that grow year-round and flower frequently; avoid invasive species of plants, vines that damage your home and flora that clashes with the aesthetic of your yard.

Decorative Mailboxes for Curb Appeal

Mailbox Makeover

Mailboxes are complementary to your home and are designed to be customized to match the homeowner’s personality. If your mailbox is attached to your home, switch out your old mailbox for one that’s a different color size, or style to spruce it up a bit.

For a mailbox that rests closer to the road, consider a custom brick mailbox to instantly make your mailbox approachable and welcoming. Combine your mailbox with a flowering garden with flora that compliments the color scheme of your home.

If you’re looking to personalize your mailbox and enhance your curb appeal, Brick Restoration Inc. has been designing and constructing mailboxes for homeowners for over 30 years. Our Yelp Profile features the portfolio of our installations, so whether you’re looking for inspiration or you need a go-to team to install one for you, the restoration specialists at Brick Restoration are the ones to call.

Install A Stone Veneer

Ah yes, tried and true stone, nothing else carries the same degree of masonry elegance (well besides brick of course). It’s a great option for dressing up your exterior and can come in a few options depending on your style. Utilize natural or manufactured stone to create accents on your home and finish it with a faux stone patio to create long-lasting curb appeal.


Build a grand walkway

A well-designed walkway will make your home feel instantly warm and inviting. Brick pavers make an instant impression with their traditional look that enhances any outdoor area. You can also turn your home’s entry into an inviting focal point by adding a selection of flowering plants and window boxes. Implement some masonry elements onto your home such as a stone walkway, brick steps, or decorative columns to elevate your curb appeal.

Decorative Fountain for Curb Appeal

Add Whimsey to your Backyard

Give your home a special touch by adding a weather-resistant piece of art. Pick a piece that complements your home’s aesthetic. Fountains, sculptures, metal cutouts, and wind chimes are excellent choices for outdoor art. They come in a variety of colors and shapes and it’s guaranteed one of them would pique your interest. We suggest placing them at optimal ground level with plenty of sight vantage points so you can enjoy your artwork from all angles.

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