Meet Our Team

Brick Restoration, Inc. is a family business. We think of our employees as part of our extended family. We feel that true success comes when our employees feel they are a part of an organization that is committed to their development and improvement - both professionally and personally.

Roberto Zumeta

Our fearless leader instilled his desire for excellence into the company culture. Originally from Cuba, Roberto came to the US in 1978 with his wife and daughter in search of the American dream. He found it when he founded Brick Restoration! He is remembered as a true innovator, fun and loving father, and an exceptional leader and friend. May he live forever in our hearts and in the spirit of those that join our team! May 12, 1942 - May 25, 2019
Founder of BRi

Betty Zumeta Mooney

Betty has taken the reigns of BRI and oversees all aspects of Brick Restoration. She has truly come into the role as leader and enjoys the challenge. She is used to leading a team since her other role as CFO (Chief Family Officer) is in the household managing her 3 young boys and husband.

Diana Zumeta Yera

Diana grew up in the business but became fully absorbed in 2012. With her marketing experience and passion for efficiency, she keeps BRI in forward-thinking motion. She left her mark by heading the rebranding in 2015 and also leads the development of new programs and offerings like the Brick Perimeter Fence Program and our popular Decorative Wash services.
Co-Owner / Marketing Director

Gregory De La Torre

Joining Brick Restoration in 1999 as a masonry helper, Gregory has worked his way up to lead mason then Restoration Specialist in 2007. Now in 2019 he has taken up a leadership role as Production Manager watching over all aspects of “getting the job done”. With his previous hands-on experience, his expertise is unsurpassed!
Production Manager

Ryan Rachal

Ryan brings his knowledge of home remodeling to provide our customers with not only the right solution but the best-looking one as well. He loves a challenge and enjoys educating our customers on the best solutions to their needs.
Restoration Specialist

Stephen Pyziak

Stephen is a people person by nature and has a passion for problem solving. He has really come into his role as Restoration Specialist and has come up with some innovative solutions to help make BRI more efficient for both our staff and our customers.
Restoration Specalist

Sheila Smith

If Brick Restoration was a band, Sheila would be the drummer. Without her, our song would sound off rhythm, as she plays a vital role in our operation. Sheila is the genius behind scheduling out the dozens of jobs BRi produces on a weekly basis. So when you hear from her, you know it’s a good day!
Production Coordinator

Nicole Salinas

Nicole is our in-house superhero, there’s nothing she can’t take on! As the main point of contact for our customers, she ensures that their happiness is at optimum levels! She says her power comes from her daily Starbucks but we think it's just her own awesomeness. (but we don't dare take her coffee away... just in case)
Office Manager

Stacy Moreno

Here's a face to match that peppy voice you keep hearing. Stacy has such a way with customers, we put her at the forefront of the conversation. With a smile on her face she'll answer any questions you may have or set up your appointment. Whatever the interaction, you’ll leave with a smile on your face!
Front Desk Coordinator

Juan Hernandez

Juan keeps things light with his jokes but he does the literal heavy lifting by procuring all our equipment and materials. He brings his innovative organizational skills to keep our trucks and shop running smoothly so we can operate at peak performance. (And our shop has never looked better!)
Shop Coordinator

Nicole Savoy

A true numbers girl, Nicole has the knowledge and skills that are essential in her role and make her an integral part of the company. With a passion for accounting, she keeps Brick Restoration running smoothly and efficiently.

George Ordonez

With over 20 yrs of experience there's nothing George hasn't seen. He gave his best years to BRi and is now living happily in retirement. He still comes in on a weekly basis to help with the transition and to give us a dose of his expertise along with some joyous laughter and dancing.