Was the masonry on your home damaged during the recent Houston storm?

We are so sorry to hear you were affected by this event and we hope that you are on your way to a swift recovery.
 At Brick Restoration we are dedicated to serving our Houston neighbors and surrounding community. We have been through a lot together over the last 30 years and this time is no different.
We are here to help! Here are some of the ways you may have been affected by the storm and how Brick Restoration can help.
Leak Damage – Brick Restoration Inc. can install ice and water shield treatment to your home to prevent further leaks on your home.
Damage to masonry — Brick, Stone, Stucco, Flagstone – Our masonry technicians can expertly and precisely match damaged brick & mortar on your home.
Damage to masonry structures — Perimeter Fences, Mailboxes, Retaining Walls, Clubhouses – BRI can restore these structures to their original beauty.
 Chimney Damage and Leak Repair – Your chimney is susceptible to the elements year-round, Brick Restoration can fully restore your chimney to prevent further leaks.
 Temporary Fencing – Was your fence around your home damaged? We provide temporary chainlink fencing installation, providing security for your home and family. 

We understand this is a priority.

We are working hard to serve you and we have set up systems to prioritize requests regarding damage from the storm. 

– Prompt site visits – Our goal is to be at your home within 24 hours of your call. 

– Receive your estimate the same day. 

– Most jobs can be scheduled within 48 hours. 

– We can always be reached at [email protected]

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