Mortar Color Matching

Mortar Color Matching

Mortar color matching is the most important parts of restoring structures to their original beauty. That is matching the area to be repaired to the existing surrounding structure. A patch job leaves an ugly “scar” if the technician on the job doesn’t know how to properly match the brick and mortar.

Solution: Each technician at brick restoration is expertly trained in our color matching technique. While on site, they carefully mix masonry stain in to the mortar to achieve a color consistent to the area where the repair is to be done. Once the material has been applied, they will add any common irregularities seen in the surrounding area. The result is a seamless repair that is hard to detect once the job has been completed.


Everyone probably sees a poor masonry repair more often then they would like to. A poor mortar color matching job results in an ugly scar in your brick structure. Our technicians are specifically trained to only accept a 99% color mortar match when we have to match an existing structure and this is why the majority of our customers call us.

It’s well known in the industry that color mortar matching is regarded as an art and the Chicago Tribune wrote a great piece on the subject that you can check out here.



We treat our estimates as consultations and will give expert guidance.


Are masons have an average of 20 years experience in repairing masonry.


Our masons are practically artists, and we guarantee a mortar that matches.


Schedule Estimate

We make it as easy as possible to schedule an appointment. Want to talk to a nice pleasant human? Great, give us a call at (281) 369-8292. Want to fill out a really cool short contact form? We have that too. Don’t worry we actually celebrate when these forms come in.

The Consultation

Our Restoration Specialists are trained to treat appointments as consultations. With this approach we focus on providing expert advice and recommendations on how to cost effectively achieve your goals. After discussing the scope of work to be done and addressing any possible concerns, your Restoration Specialist will determine if an estimate can be prepared on the spot. In some cases more time is needed to prepare the most accurate estimate possible.

Approve Proposal

We’ll have a written proposal emailed to you within 24 hrs for your review. You can approve it by just replying to the email or call us if you have any questions or concerns. Once the proposal has been approved, we will secure a date for the work to be completed. Once scheduled, most jobs can be completed in one day.

We Get To Work

The day before your scheduled work date your Restoration Specialist will call you to let you know which crew will be working on your property and what time they will be arriving. The Crew Lead will notify you upon their arrival and upon completion of the work for you to give the final seal of satisfaction.

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Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!

Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!