Brick Matching

Brick Matching

Brick Restoration has been leading the industry in brick matching and antique brick locating services since 1993. We have the technology and systems to match any brick you can throw at us.
A patch or mismatched brick is never a problem with us. We will match brick for repairs, additions, hardscapes, and more.
If you are in the Greater Houston, Dallas, or Fort Worth areas, we can locally source or match the brick you need. We can even ship our cloned bricks anywhere in the nation straight to you!


Brick is the most a common building material across the Gulf Coast. However, the variety of colors, sizes and textures can mean that finding a precise match for that brick is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Antique bricks are bricks that are no longer in production by any major brick manufacturers. The only way to locate these bricks is to search brick-yards that have rescued old bricks from demolished structures. If the brick is found, it still may not be the right size, shape, or color to match precisely with your structure. This process frustrates General Contractors, Architects, Masons, and of course Property Owners.

Here is a great introductory article on Brick Matching 101 by our friends over at that goes over the different options when trying to match bricks.



Extensive collection of rare and antique bricks.


Vast network with other brick-yards.


Exclusive laboratory for


Getting Started

We’ll have you fill out our Brick Matching Form to get the details of your needs. We’ll also coordinate getting samples of the originals too.

The Consultation

One of our specialized technicians will contact you with instructions for mailing a sample to our office.

The Originals

We need approximately 6-8 sample bricks that you would like matched to. You can send them or have us pick it up if you’re in the Houston area. This will help us determine if we can locate close matches or if we’ll have to create clones.

The Samples

We will return to you our free samples of clones or the closest available match. Included will also be an estimate for the cost of the brick and delivery for your entire order.

We'll Get Started

Upon approval of the estimate, we’ll arrange the scheduling and let you know exactly when the work will begin.

Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!

Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!