The Brick Restoration Story

Brick Restoration was founded in 1993 by our owner and CEO Roberto Zumeta. After trying his hand in many different fields, Roberto found his home in Masonry repair.

He noticed there was a deep need for craftsmanship that not only repaired the problem, but restored the property to its original beauty.

In our bayou city of Houston, the soil is very soft causing shifts in the foundation. As a result, cracks in the exterior brick and mortar appear that are unsightly. Previously, these cracks were repaired with grey mortar which would take care of the crack but leave a big scar in its place.

The solution? Brick Restoration, Inc

With our detailed mortar matching and staining technology, Brick Restoration set a new standard for masonry repair in Houston.

Beginning in 1993 as a one man operation, Brick Restoration has grown to be the most trusted and respected masonry company in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.

With a workforce of over 40 highly trained and specialized employees, the growth continues but the mission stays the same. Provide our customers with the best possible service.  Take a look at how Brick Restoration came to be what it is today.


The company was founded

With a trowel and a bucket. Our founder set out to improve the crack repair industry. He noticed that beautiful homes were being treated with ugly grey mortar for their crack repair leaving a big scar in its place. With his decorative touch, he forever changed the standard for masonry repairs.

Grew to 10 employees

The need for quality masonry repair was evident and we quickly grew to accommodate our new customers.

Brick & Mortar Location

To house our growing workforce we invested in a new brick and mortar location.

Built new BRi HQ

We quickly outgrew the 1st location and were able to locate a great piece of land in the centrally located Spring Branch area that was perfect for us and perfect for serving our customers all over the Greater Houston Area.

Wins 'Good Brick Award'

Brick Restoration won the coveted 'Good Brick Award' for the historic restoration project of 1417 Congress St. in downtown Houston.

BBB Award for Excellence

Our first BBB Award for Excellence. That was pretty big for us at the time. Now we have a collection.

Undergoes Rebranding

In 2015 Brick Restoration re-branded the company with a modern and fresh new logo and equally modern website.

BRI gets handed down to the next generation.

After the passing of father and founder Roberto Zumeta, the two Zumeta daughters, Betty and Diana, took the reigns to continue the legacy.

Expansion to Dallas / Fort Worth

The company is now in the midst of expanding their services to the DFW area and plan to open in early June 2021.