Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Monument signs are used for community entrances, business signs, school signs, church signs & restaurant signs because they are not only simple to build and install, they are also extremely durable and easy to repair and maintain. Additionally many municipalities are only allowing monument style business and community signs as they are more stable than the other options.

Brick Restoration only services and installs masonry, brick, stone and/or stucco monument signs. We can help you design, build and install a masonry monument sign for your community or business. We’ve built monument signs for residential communities, commercial centers, places of worship and many more


The most elegant and also most durable type of exterior signage is a masonry type. Exterior monument sign materials can be comprised of not only brick but also any type of stone and stucco combination. The possibilities are endless and it’s also easy to get overwhelmed.

Our team can take you from idea to finished project. We have designed and created custom monument signs for many residential communities and commercial buildings as well as just about every type of business. recently did a study that found that up to 50% of new retail customers entered the business on impulse after they saw the On-Premise Sign.

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Site Built Monument Signs

Site built monument signs are designed, engineered, permitted and constructed on site. Once plans are approved, we can provide a bid for construction.

Can you help with design?

You will need to hire a licensed architect or structural engineer to design the monument. We have referrals we can provide upon request.

Can you help with permits?

New monument signs will generally require design, 2 sets of plans, surveying, and possible soil tests. The architect or engineering firm hired to do the design will be responsible for acquiring the permit(s).

What about warranties?

We have a standard 1-year warranty on all of our masonry work. We do offer a plan for yearly maintenance to increase your protection and investment.

Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!

Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!