Custom Planters & Fountains

Anyone can have their own personal oasis. Our custom designed fountains are unique and add a new level of interest to your front or back patios.

If curb appeal is what you’re after then don’t over look the beauty of adding planter boxes to your landscape. This inexpensive addition will add style and value to your home and have neighbors heads turning to look at your beautiful new yard.


Adding brick and/or stone to your home or building can add elegance and design to an otherwise “plain” look. Our expert masonry technicians specialize in installations and can create most any custom design.

Our restoration specialists can give advise on what would work best with your home with regard to style and structural integrity.


Are estimates free?

Yes, of course. We will provide a completely free and no-obligation estimate. Simply let us know if you want to work together and we will schedule your work to be completed. Please note that we are currently booked 3-4 weeks out.

Will there be a scar?

Rest assured that our mason’s are practically artists when it comes to making sure the repair is invisible. We take great pride in the fact that are repairs are almost invisible.

What about warranties?

We offer a standard 1 year warranty on all work performed by our crews. We do offer additional warranty options to increase your protection and investment.

Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!

Contact us for a free estimate for your next project!